Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Picture This! #7

Sorry I've been gone! I was without a laptop for a while, and once I got it back, I had school. I'll keep posting, but it may just not be as often as I or you would like. Please stay with me. :) Also, if you didn't know.. I love food.

1st Row:
L: Fried Philly Tempura Sushi? Have you heard of it? It has cream cheese and salmon. It's a little weird, very creamy, and a tad crunchy on the outside.
R: Monkey see, monkey do. An old friend posted a picture of her grilled mac and cheese sandwich on Instagram, so I had to try. I added bacon to mine. Unhealthy? Yes. Good? YES.

2nd Row:
L: Multiple Orgasm. Be not afraid! This is the name of this famous ice cream cake. How does it get its name? With a bottom layer of crushed Oreo cookies, a layer of Oreo ice cream, a layer of coffee ice cream, a layer of chocolate ice cream, and a top layer of fudge and fudge sprinkles. Definitely a multiple orgasm. 

R: My dad made me breakfast sandwiches when I was younger. Bread, spam, egg, and cheese. Does it look good? It was. If you were wondering.

3rd Row:
L: If I ever cook for you, I'm sorry. I tried to make myself dinner while ago. Salad and shrimp curry rice. The curry was way too salty and the shrimp was too small. The salad was probably the best part of that meal.
R: What's the Scoop? Scoop is a new ice cream sandwich place that opened up in town. I got their amazing homemade cookies 'n cream ice cream with a snickerdoodle cookie and a double chocolate chip cookie. I got both cookies warmed up. It's a messy meal, but oh so worth it! 

4th Row:
L: Lappert's ice cream is to die for, especially the local flavors. I got a cone of their Oreo ice cream (not local) and Big Island shortbread ice cream (I think that's the name). They were to die for. I wish the shop was closer to me.

R: We found a macaron (is that the correct way to spell it?//embarrassed because I took French.) stand at an event we went to (which also gave away free popsicles). There were a bunch of flavors, ranging from chocolate, salted caramel to lilikoi, Blue Hawaii (I think), and guava. There were more, too. They were pretty yummy, actually.

Hope you enjoyed this food filled post. I hope it didn't make your mouth water the way it did to mine. Have a lovely day!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture This! #6

1st Row:
L: I bought Taco Bell again.. It shouldn't be a surprise. The Nachos Bell Grande is my life.
R: I had a laser appointment thens sat around at the café called Blue Tree Café that I blogged about a while back. I sat for a couple of hours and read blog post after blog post after blog post. I had a smoothie called Peach Passion, which turned out to be too sour for me.. But it was still a great day.

2nd Row:
L: Party food! I had pepperoni pizza, mozzarella cheese sticks, popcorn chicken, and onion rings. AH. My faves! My mouth was happy.

R: The party was at a bowling alley. I got one strike. Woohoo?? :)

3rd Row:
L: Do you guys have f'real where you are?! It's in some 7-11 stores. It's frozen at first but you put it in the machine and it blends it into a milkshake for you. Can you say YUM?! I got the Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake this time around, but I usually get the Cookies 'N Cream one, which is my favorite. They also have some yummy sounding limited edition flavors I want to try.
R: Genki Sushi redesigned and have a new bullet car that brings you your food, and has a digital menu. I had my two faves and I'm showing you using my new Olloclip (fisheye lens)! I'm very excited. I love the spicy tempura roll and the ebi fry. 

4th Row:
L: After sushi I (with two of my friends) went to Taste Tea. I had a green milk tea without boba.. It was horrible. It didn't taste like green tea at all. It was more like.. Perfume + milk tea. Disgusting. The cheesecake I got, however, was pretty good. It was different. Much more airy than what you think it would be. It was spongy and light. I'm glad I tried it!

R: I'm lazy.. And when I went "running" on this beautiful day, it was really walking.. And trying to run. I wouldn't call it real running.

Hope your days are as sunny as mine!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Minty Fresh: Mask of Magnaminty Review

Hello! I've come to review this product that I've been trying out for the past couple of weeks. It's called Mask of Magnaminty, and is made by Lush. I bought it about a month or two ago, after seeing it from a YouTuber, however I'm not sure which one. You can use it for both your face and back, but I've chosen to use it on my back. I use it in the shower after washing my body, and I leave it on while I shave and wash my face.

Sizes: 4.4oz or 11.1oz 

I actually saw a difference with this product. I don't use it every time I shower, but at least once or twice a week. I have some back acne problems, and I've tried some soaps to clear it up, but I think it's safe to say that I've seen the most improvement with this product. It cleaned up my back a bit, by eliminating the bigger, redder blemishes I had. It hasn't taken away everything, maybe because of my lack of use, but I'm not sure. I actually don't think the smell is too strong, but maybe because I like mint. If you like the minty smell, I'm sure you'll like this! It's very thick, so if you drop the tub, it won't spill everywhere and you won't waste anything, which I like. I also think it's easy to get off your body, and you won't find any stray mask spots later.

Another plus is that you can take this product back to Lush along with 4 other pots to receive a face mask for free, kind of like a Back to MAC type of deal. It just has to be cleaned out and have that little message on the lid. Oh, I almost forgot! You don't need to refrigerate this product! Plus plus plus for me, because I always forget about the product if I need to refrigerate it. I keep it in my shower with all of my daily products. I really like this product and would definitely recommend it for anyone thinking of trying it out! I'm also repurchasing. :)

This is what it looks like on the skin, with a generous amount. It's very chunky and has a lot of the adzuki beans. The only downside is the mess this mask makes. If you use it on your back, like me, you use quite a bit. When you wash it off, the aduki beans get everywhere. They slide around your skin, sometimes ending up on my feet, make their way into my hair, and get all over the walls and floor of my tub. With some splashing of water, you get it off eventually. It also gets into your nails (if you have long ones) when you're scooping it out. Letting the water run into your nails will get it out, so it's not a big deal. Just mentioning this to any future buyers. This downside, however, doesn't take away from the positive aspects of the product! I'd still buy it. 

+ Pros: For face & back, helps bacne, no need for refrigeration, minty scent, easy to wash off body, part of recycling program
- Cons: Messy, adzuki beans everywhere

Hope you enjoyed this little review. I'm going to play around with the layout and format for future reviews to see what I like. Definitely check this product out! What are your favorite Lush products? Please comment!


Stocking Up!

I went to the mall recently to stock up on.. Who knows what? I found some great stuff! I also bought some clothes but I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to photograph those. So, for now, you'll just have to put up with just seeing the rest of my stuff. 

You could say that I went Bath and Body Works crazy..
Shea Cashmere Hand Creme
Shea Cashmere Dry Shampoo
Shea Cashmere Glossing Cream

When my grandma ran into the drug store I made her pick up a sunscreen for me:
Neutrogena Sport Face Sunscreen

I love Nordstrom + Topshop:

I've been dying to get this bag from American Apparel, and I finally gave in. I'm actually in love:
Bull Denim Cities Bag with Strap

Don't hate me, but I have another haul coming! I've just waited a really long time to post these. Happy Summer!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picture This! #5

Sorry, I'm a slacker and I've definitely been slacking. Here we go! I love food, obviously.

1st Row:
L: I participated in a family friend's Chili Cook Off. I love chili, and I love competition! The chili that won was amazing!
R: Finally gave in to my Netlflix Queue and watched Footloose- both 1984 and 2011 versions! Julianne Hough was quite the character in the movie.. And her dancing was phenomenal, as always.

2nd Row:
L: Spent the day with my grandma, we went to get lunch at a little place called Richie's Drive Inn. I got the teriyaki meat. I must say, it was delicious. The only downside was cutting it into pieces and cutting off the fat.

R: I also went through the Taco Bell drive thru with my grandma the next day. Our family has a thing for Mexican food. I love the Nachos Bell Grande! I also got a Double Decker Taco. YUM.

3rd Row:
L: Also went to Burger King with my grandma, to try the sweet potato fries, which are apparently new additions to the Burger King menu. We shared onion rings as well, because they're just so good! We both had Original Chicken Sandwiches.
R: Went to McDonald's with my mom after a trip to the craft store! I want to collect all the minion toys. 

4th Row:
L: I spent a couple hours at a graduation party at a place called Yakiniku Korea House. The meat was SO good. I can't even begin to explain. I must go there again.

R: After a successful day of shopping at Nordstrom during their anniversary sale, I got some Taste Tea! Boba? Milk tea? I'm really not sure with the correct term is. However, it was good! There were too many balls for my liking, though. (hehehe) I might get them without next time. I also saw an old friend working there, and it made my day when she remembered me too!

Hope y'all are having happy eats!
Much love, 

Weekly Quote #3

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

- Oscar Wilde

To be quite honest, I don't think I've ever read anything by Oscar Wilde. However, after reading through a couple pages of his quotes, I think I must read all of his books. The man's brilliant! From women, to men, to love, to selfishness, to backstabbers.. He has something wise to say about everything. This quote spoke to me because I've been having trouble with it recently. It's been hard, loving myself. I guess that's why I haven't posted so much. I've just been a bit of a rut. I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going or why.. I just feel a little lost. However, I do want to love myself and plan to in the future. I want this lifelong romance he speaks of. It sounds beautiful. I hope you all are loving yourselves!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly Quote #2

"You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."

- Walter Hagen

I found this while looking for a quote about flowers.. You'll understand why soon. I don't know the actual meaning of this quote, but I interpreted it as a metaphor for life. You're not alive forever, and honestly.. You're alive for a very short amount of time compared to everything else that continues to live on our planet. So don't rush life, just go with the flow and let it be. It's hard for me to realize this, but we need to stop trying to grow up to fast. We need to live in the moment, and "smell the flowers along the way," because we won't always have the opportunity. We have to take opportunities as they come, and really try to enjoy the life we're living, cause hey, we've only got one.

Cheers to summer & cheers to life!