Bucket List

A list of the things on my bucket-list. Some things that I crossed off are things I've done already. In parentheses I may have included my inspiration, some of which come from movies. If there's a colon, there may just be a simple description or added detail to something I've done or want to do.  I've separated them into different categories, because it drives me insane if I have two things that relate but aren't next to one another. 

1. Instax
2. (Vintage) Polaroid
3. GoPro

1. Swing dance
2. Web design
3. Hot yoga
4. Swing yoga
5. Cooking
6. Belly dancing
7. Kickboxing

Events to Attend (traveling mainly for the event)
1. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
2. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
3. Cannes Film Festival in France
4. Olympics
5. The Running of the Bull in Pamplona Spain
6. Chinese New Year in Hong Kong
7. Carnival Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
8. Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan
9. La Tomatina in Bunyol, Spain
10. St. Patrick's Day Festival in Dublin, Ireland
11. New Year's Eve in Sydney
12. Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida
13. Venice Carnivale in Italy
14. Naked Bike Ride in London

1. Snowboard
2. Surf
3. Guitar
4. Ukulele

1. Have a karaoke night with my friends & sing

1. Visit the Venus Pools in Maui
2. Stay at the Grand Wailea in Maui
3. Visit the top of Mauna Kea: I stargazed at the observatory
4. Visit the top of Haleakala: I watched the sunrise

New York
1. Watch the ball drop on New Years in New York 
2. Spend Christmas in New York 
3. Visit the famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center - Inspiration
5. Play on the big piano in FAO Schwarz - Inspiration
6. Go to Central Park
7. Have a picnic in Central Park
8. Go on a boat ride in Central Park
9. Ice Skate in Central Park
10. Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center
11. Try a cronut
12. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live

1. TOMS Café in Venice Beach
2. Santa Monica Pier
3. San Diego Zoo

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